Logan has been a patient here since late 2020 after a boating accident injured his left foot and ankle. He had several breaks and needed a brace that could stabilize him. Logan is an extremely active young man and the standard brace options were not strong enough to maintain his busy lifestyle. The posterior dynamic element AFO (ankle foot orthosis) was the perfect option for him. This is a custom made carbon fiber brace that helps to stabilize the ankle by offloading its weight. This PDE AFO is actually made similar to a prosthetic, where is shifts the weight of the body from the foot to the patellar tendon so the knee acts as the main supportive surface. Logan is seen here being fit with his PDE brace and practicing walking up and down the stairs, something he has not been able to do without assistance since his accident. He is very hopeful this will get him back to his everyday life and back to the gym.