We offer a variety of orthotic devices and services. Roll over the image below for more information about bracing specific to these areas. If you have questions about certain devices or your prescription, please contact us at 1-866-365-2674.

Head & Neck

We provide pediatric custom cranial remolding helmets, adult and pediatric protective helmets, and various soft and rigid cervical collars for neck support and immobilization.

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AOPI provides devices for shoulder support and immobilization, including: standard slings/immobilizers, GIVmohr sling (primarily used with stroke patients), fracture orthosis and post-op devices (i.e., Gunslinger).

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Very few devices address isolated elbow issues. Elbow immobilizers maintain arm extension (usually worn at night) and post-op adjustable Ossur elbow orthosis (allows variable ROM/restriction per MD orders).

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The most common devices we use are off-the-shelf standard resting hand splints, thumb spicas and carpal tunnel wrist splints to maintain optimal neutral hand and wrist positioning. We also custom fabricate orthoses as needed.

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We supply off-the-shelf and custom spinal braces for scoliosis, traumatic injuries, fractures and pain. AOPI is a supplier of Boston custom braces, Aspen OTS braces, Orthomerica, Deroyal and Trulife.

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AOPI supplies off-the-shelf and custom sized hip abduction orthosis through Orthomerica. We also provide Hip Knee Ankle Foot Orthotics (HKAFO) and reciprocating gait orthoses.

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Many different knee braces exist on the market today. We provide off-the-shelf and custom knee orthoses for traumatic injuries, arthritis and post-op devices (See Ossur Unloader). AOPI fabricates custom Knee Ankle Foot Orthosis (KAFO) to assist patients with knee and ankle problems.

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We offer several types of lace up ankle braces, CAM boots, night splints and Carbon-Fiber AFO’s (Allard Toe-Off). Additionally, we can custom fabricate plastic and metal AFO’s, CROW walkers, AZ AFO’s and Richie braces.

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AOPI supplies diabetic shoes and inserts based on a prescription. Brands include: PW Minor, Drew, New Balance, Brooks and other brands through DavMar. Additionally, we provide off-the-shelf and custom foot orthotics, UCBL’s, surgical/offloading shoes and SMO’s. Dennis Brown Bars with shoes or Ponsetti devices are used specifically for pediatrics.

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Patient resources

Understanding different types of orthotic devices can be difficult. We have included several links to orthotic organizations and support groups below. 

O and P Care (abcop.org)

ACPOC | Association of Children’s Prosthetic-Orthotic Clinics

DAV – I Help Veterans

– Move United (moveunitedsport.org)

Mobility Saves

Device Instructions

Nighttime Scoliosis

Full Time Scoliosis

Richie AFO