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“Expert care with compassion”

AOPI offers comprehensive patient care in orthotics and prosthetics. With over 100 years of combined experience, the practitioners here are well versed in traditional and new age technologies to best serve their patients. Privately owned, AOPI offers professional expert care with compassion and integrity to all patients. This ensures the highest level of service at reasonable cost and professional care for each individual.

In prosthetics, we are able to work with any patient at any amputation level. We have seen everything from partial fingers to above the knee and even several hemipelvectomy patients. Our practitioners are well educated in traditional methods and adapted to new age technology. Our owner, Tripp Rice, is a third generation prosthetist who has been teaching and integrating his unique prosthetic methods into a new generation of practitioners. We combine hand skills with scanning technologies, microprocessor components, and undeniable attention to detail. Our goal is to provide the best care possible for our patients and help them return to their every day lives.

In orthotics, our practitioners rely on tried and true methods of bracing, while embracing the benefits of modern technology. We have the skills to fit off the shelf orthotics, such as carbon fiber AFOs, knee braces, and wrist splits. We also do in house fabrication of custom plastic and metal orthoses. We work with children of all ages, providing Cascade and Surestep SMOs and AFOs, through multiple pediatric physical therapy offices. Recently, we have been using scanning technology for scoliosis TLSOs and will soon be expanding this into cranial remolding helmets.

AOPI is actively involved with continuing education with other orthotic and prosthetic professionals to ensure the highest level of patient care. Our practitioners attend local and national meetings and hold several in-house continuing education courses throughout the year. We have partnered with several vendors to offer this service to local physical therapy and physicians offices as well.

AOPI is proud to offer in house fabrication of all our prosthetic and the majority of our orthotic devices. In a field where most clinics are turning to central fabrication, AOPI believes having a hand in every step of the process is essential to success. We have a 2500 sqft fabrication facility located at our Augusta office that serves as a central fabrication for our four locations. This unique ability allows us to control every aspect of our product production, from the timeline to the minute details. We have the ability to custom make prosthetic liners, hand modify all our sockets and orthotic devices, and make adjustments during scheduled appointment times using specialized machinery. We have a large infrared oven to thermoform all of our plastic devices, and lamination stations to work with acrylics and carbon fibers. This, in conjunction with skilled technicians and practitioners, allows us to create a variety of orthotic and prosthetic devices.

AOPI is focused on integrating the vital hand skills of the prosthetic and orthotic field with growing technological advances. We obtained a foam carver in 2016 that has greatly improved our transfemoral socket capabilities and ensures consistency of custom made liners. In addition to carving technology, AOPI also offers the latest scanning techniques to some of our orthotic patients, particularly scoliosis and cranial remolding. This reduces the time and stress that casting can have, while ensuring an accurate mold.

Our goal is to provide the absolute best care to our patients by blending tried and true “old-school” methods with the latest technology.

We are also one of the contract awarded vendors of selection for Veterans to choose in the Augusta and Dublin, Georgia areas and Columbia, South Carolina.

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