Justin Scurry

1551624_10152227464999369_77217718_nAfter being in an accident in 2007 which resulted in him becoming an above knee amputee and also damaging his left leg, we get to see Justin enjoying life after the accident. Through countless hours of physical therapy and hard work, he has become an example and inspiration to those who meet him.

“Every day that I wake up in is a challenge, and I beat it!” says Justin.  “I wouldn’t change the life I have now for anything in the world.”

Justin’s future goals are to be part of a grounds crew for college or professional athletics.  Justin is currently a baseball coach at Lexington High School.

Justin’s philosophy is this:  “Perfection is the ultimate goal in life — to be perfect.  However, no one is perfect in anything they do.  But, if I drive for perfection every day, then I will reach every goal that I shoot for.”





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